How about creating a devRant leaderboard for the Advent of Code?
Idk if I did it correctly, but here's the code to enter into


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    Oh, if it already exists, may I have the link?
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    Top 20 Leaderboard (includes deleted accounts)


    Larger leaderboard,


    Or, if you are asking for something else, I don't know.
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    @theabbie yeah, but I'm talking about the Advent of Code; it's a game, where you have to solve a problem each day of December until the 25th.
    One can create private leaderboards (max 200 people though), so I figured it'd be fun to make one for us
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    How do I participate exactly?
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    @Ranchonyx you can register with github or sth, then just solve the problems
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    I've always liked advent of code, but found the scoring really arbitrary - "time to complete after launch" is a bit of an odd measure, especially for a worldwide thing. If you miss a day it kinda encourages you not to bother at all, rather than to go back and give it a go.

    I'd much prefer a "x number of points for completing a day" style approach where you got more points as the challenges got harder, then the scores got frozen at the end of December. Means it's less competitive, but I see that as a decent side effect for a fun Christmas-themed coding challenge.
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    The first day's problem was insultingly easy. Do they get harder as the days go on?
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    @junon yeah they do
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    Anyone still going with this? All easy problems so far, though we're having fun with the "neatest solutions" in any given lang in my team at work.
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    @AlmondSauce yeah lol I got caught up in uni work recently. Gonna do them on the holidays break
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    @dontPanic Yesterday's required some thinking, but aside from that all pretty easy so far.
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