So, so can anyone recommend a wired track pad. Bluetooth sucks monkey nuts.

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    All I can find online are jelly comb, Vogek and Logitech which all seem to be sold out everywhere.
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    Why do you need a track pad instead of a mouse?
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    Ergonomics. I've found even with an upright mouse my shoulder and elbow getting sore so I got an apple magic touch trackpad. It's fantastic and really comfortable to use. When it works. Once a day or so it drops connection and I have to spend 30 minutes futzing with blueman to get it to work again.
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    Get modern Bluetooth on both ends. Then it doesn’t suck, duh.
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    @bagfox do you think just getting an external Bluetooth would do it? The laptop is pretty old I guess...
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    @DasKoder if it has USB 3 and you look closely at the specs, sure.

    Had a similar problem that an old BL dongle didn’t reach ~5 meters through a wood wall and a newer BL stick plugged into USB3 solved the problem.
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    @DasKoder Regular bluetooth shouldn't drop out like that, but it's kinda an old standard - unfortunately it hasn't really been replaced or developed significantly, which has led to companies implementing their own crappy proprietary things instead.

    You *might* be able to fix it with a more modern bluetooth setup, but depending on the issue (if it's some kind of external interference for instance) I wouldn't want to guarantee that'd solve it. If it doesn't bug you, wired might still be best.

    Though I have to say, you're the first person I've known to want a trackpad over a mouse. I can't stand the things, I find them way more uncomfortable to use. Each to their own I guess!
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    You could rip a trackpad off a laptop and convert it to usb.
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    @electrineer hunh... I didn't know that was a thing:


    Not sure my soldering skills are good enough. Just about managed to assemble my keyboard from a kit with full instructions and even then I made mistakes
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