I'm following this electron tutorial. I tried esporta and npm installa, but they are not working. Someone knows why?

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    Hai usato il traduttore sulla pagina?

    Perché sembra che ti abbia tradotto anche le istruzioni e i comandi

    E poi, usa i tag. Questo non è un rant.
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    translated commands - now thats quite a funny error :D
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    @dmonkey It's a rant in disguise - who tf makes a webpage that translates itself automatecly INCLUDING the provided code??
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    @dmonkey no I didn't use any translater, it's the electron docs when you visit it from Italy. And it's too late to add tags I guess
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    @crisz what the hell 😂😂
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    @Jedidja good point
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    Wtf.. 🤣
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    You puts the momma in the Mia muy importante
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