This is it, today I am getting one of my wisdom teeth removed. Wish me luck! Also, if I’m talking here, I just wanna say: I am officially moving away from SwiftUI and switching to UIKit. I’ve been constantly building my way around SwiftUI, constantly bypassing SwiftUI and adding UIKit layers around it. It has been such a headache using SwiftUI to construct such complicated views and I figured that the pace of development has been rapidly declining due to SwiftUI. I am going to rewrite the whole app again but in UIKit (it’s still native).

(Also, Floyd, sorry for the mistag again. :P)

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    Good luck with both of those! :D
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    @SoldierOfCode thanks man! My headphones started pushing on my wisdom teeth and it’s become extremely fatiguing to wear headphones as I would every few minutes mess with my mouth to accommodate for the awkward feeling from my headphones.
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    @F1973 r/Blursed
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    @F1973 @SoldierOfCode absolutely r/Blursed
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    Good luck with the wisdom tooth. I had to have one removed a few years ago. First dentist I saw wanted hundreds of £ for anesthetic etc. Went elsewhere, dentist said she wanted her senior to take a look, he said this will just pop out. Five minutes later it was done with just a little local anesthetic. Cost about £40 I think!
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    I just finished the actual procedure. This feels so... trippy. I literally took like 7 pills, 5 of which are some type of steroids and 2 full pills of dexamethasone.
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