*types class name wrong, presses tab to auto complete*

Different class comes up from suggestions. The IDE automatically pulls in a bunch of useless imports to make your code work. Your code doesn't work, that's not the right type...


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    For a short while VSCode's auto complete kept suggesting UNSAFE_X react methods for me....

    Like Bro, why the fuck would you ever suggest those to me, ever? I've never even used them....
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    Turn off autocomplete or set it to list mode if jetbrains. If VS, continue suffering indefinitely as it continues to decay.
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    It just assumes you know what you're doing and presents you with similar things to a vague context 😸
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    Yeah, it is a little random, but usually ... somewhat contextual, or at least seems like it. Suddenly UNSAFE suggestions felt really jarring. After a few updates it stopped doing that thankfully.
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    This is why I prefer Sublime.

    Autocomplete is only things you’ve typed before, there is zero input lag, and it doesn’t muck with your code unless you explicitly tell it to.
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    Reminds me of a former boss that had Prettier set up for each save and made us all do it too because otherwise the codebase wouldn't match and he didn't believe in linting.

    Drove me bonkers.
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