🎶 On the sixth day of debugging my program gave to me ...

6 failed tests
5 help forums
4 broken dependencies
3 edge cases
2 moving specs
And 1 keyboard smashed in rage 🎶

This little carol is dedicated to the buggy-as-fuck nodejs project I was given for fixes and updates.

Happy holidays everyone

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    Just 6 failed tests? And the test configuration WORKS? You must have one good nodejs project right there.
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    @bagfox the entire fucking testing config is those six tests, and I spent 4 hours trying to get it to work
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    I read it in the actual song melody. Wonderful haha.
    Sucks to be working on that though.
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    Hahaha you got me singing :)
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    Underrated AF rant, that's my year's favorite.
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