I love how clients can ignore missing menu in their existing project, pages not updating because of fucked up cache, having three different versions of jquery and half of the code being spaghetti on fire - but they get anally retentive about margins not looking like on the wireframes on the new project.

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    How did you inherit this dumpster fire? ;D
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    User: "This button is weird"

    Me: "Bro that email cost everyone more than that button looking weird..."
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    Once i worked on project where customer asked how much inches are in 1024 pixels, seems different from monitor to monitor - his boss measured it on the monitor with ruler to compare it with printed out wireframe. He is asking as currently they don't match! They should match so how we can fix it?

    I tought it was joke until I realised that dude is for real. Whole project was like that!
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    That's really one of those situations where I wish you could explain to the customer.

    "Hey man I see what you're saying but this =/ that and please just trust me we're always concerned with layout and etc and we got you covered there, just trust us on this one."

    That or offer them to turn their page into just one big embedded PDF....
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    Well, in the client's defense:

    People tend to focus on areas where they understand and feel they can contribute in, and leave the rest.

    If the client is befuddled by cache and isn't a coder they can't really comment on cache issues or jQuery.

    They might not even realize the site is slow because they don't have enough reference points on how fast a site should be.

    So they just talk about what they know: visuals.

    Just like if you look at a car: you might not be sure why the gearbox feels wonky or if that is even fixable - but you can sure as hell tell there's a dent and you know that's fixable.
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    Consultant jobs are the endless source of joy.
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    The thing is - numerous people from our side, even our boss talked to them and wasted a lot of time trying to explain how things work and that we are experts who alreday have done tons of projects like that.

    Company did invest in teaching clients and tried to explain everything ina way so layman can understand. Company did this on every project where client needed guidance.

    Once we got a bit earlier on the scheduled online meeting just to hear them talking with each other it was something like this: dude i know i have to complain to to them about something but we don't understand that tech stuff, I'll just say something about website.

    So yeah, blame it on the rain...
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