I like my little chaos, I am thriving there. :)

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    Exactly how it is everywhere. I modularize my backend from time to time but still, I would describe it like this. Good one. 😆
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    My front-end looks like that, lmao
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    Always found these memes misleading.

    I feel like what they mean is:
    What the user sees - pretty design
    What the dev sees - messy code

    But they end up incorrectly equating frontend code with the desing/UI

    Cause in terms of code I rarely feel the frontend code is prettier than the backend code.
    Backend could just be a bunch of neat routing
    Frontend is a ton of hacky injected html, weirdo browser compatibility hacks etc
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    That backend really shows a severe lack of proper thread managing. Not sure if Erlang could be of any use here though...
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