Did so much work today that my ring finger on my right hand is actually sore from pressing the enter key.

Too bad all that code belongs to my job and not me.

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    On another note, I have been getting rather skilled at PL/SQL. Insane the differences between vendors. They don't even try to be the same language.
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    You press Enter with your ring finger?
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    PL/SQL and PL/pgSQL are both more or less fully compliant with the ISO SQL standard, and expand upon it with platform specific features. T-SQL is kind of a snowflake in that regard, it ignores the standard whenever it felt like doing something else.
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    @Cyanide this is also the only thing I could focus on in this post lol
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    @AlgoRythm 50% of hand’s power is in pinky. Total waste of that power.
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