Ever been scared to open your laptop in public because you can't remember if you closed the porn you were watching the prior night?

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    Found an empty room and opened it. No porn...we're clear!
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    Just so you all know this is my personal computer, not a work issued one.
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    Dude wtf :D
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    This is kinda awkward..
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    I've consolidated all my porn in my phone, this way I'll know if something's wrong as soon as I check it during coffee time.
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    @mtcool112 in retrospect, yeah...but for some reason I thought it was funny. I was wrong :P
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    I can relate to that
    Saved a file while my elderly product owner was
    chatting next to me,

    Was just about to open my downloads dir and I realised that there might be something in there that might be NSFW that windows might reveal with a big fat helpful thumbnail

    So I awkwardly opened it via the app's
    file->open lol
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    I usually don't do anything work related on my personal laptops, but when I've needed to bring them in a few times, I've had this worry. I'm more worried about NSFW webcomics or graphic band websites than porn, though.
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    @Letmecode HA! Brilliant one 😁
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    @Letmecode let me reiterate that this was my personal laptop that I use to work on my projects during lunch :P. My work computer I am very protective of.
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    @Letmecode I do so very carefully. It's difficult for me to find stuff I'm into that doesn't trigger my PTSD. Sadly, I'm not kinky enough to keep going without throwing up. 🎉
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    @starless :(

    I'm sorry you had to endure that. No one deserves that.
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    @deusprogrammer it happened ten years ago and makes a hell of a story. Get me drunk sometime and I'll tell you. I'm fine, it's society that's fucked. 😛

    What bothers me more is how badly negotiated and rape-y most porn is nowadays. I've got no problem with people being forceful, but so much of the stuff goes from 'she's okay with it' to 'that doesn't look consensual' real fast. It can get pretty frustrating.
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    @Letmecode if you're ever in Minnesota, drop me a line and we can chat about it.
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    I agree, am just a regular guy but even I do find all that rough stuff in mainstream porn is excessive, all that gagging choking slapping etc doesn't rub me the right way.

    Pun not inten.... ah heck it was too good to avoid 😁
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    Oh Jesus what did I start? I just created pornRant.
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    I check my bookmarks everytime i have to show something to a coworker on my machine...
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    I always open my work computer with porn playing loudly, gives me instant privacy.
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    In my case, it's more of stupid things I Googled.
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