I'll just check my Amazon account..

Oh, they want to send me an SMS code to prove its me, that's nice..

Oh wait, its not a code, its a URL !

That I have to type out by hand to my PC...

That's a right pain !

Not everyone has an all singing all dancing phone connected to their number !

What's wrong with a simple 6 digit code !

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    Well we're not going to optimize global services for the 5% not really using their smartphone these days.^^
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    @SortOfTested And here I was using scrcpy like a chump.
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    Doesn't these solutions all require an Android phone (Mine isn't..) and in some cases a PC with a working webcam.. (Since Windows Update year+ ago it hasn't worked..)

    On my todo list, still is:

    Fit SIM slot to Android phone I do have..

    Fix webcam on PC..
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    People are inevitably going to optimize for the majority. That's just life. 😸
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    I thought minorities ruled these days..
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    @Nanos Didn’t you know? The minority is the majority!
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    So, when the old majority become the new minority, does that mean at some point in the future, they will become the majority again ?

    History I notice tends to run in cycles..
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    @Nanos I hope humans go through the wash cycle 😕
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    It's the spin cycles I don't like !
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    @Root what you are really saying is, new boss, same as the old boss, only the names have changed...
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