Microsoft: Sorry, we were not able to upgrade your subscription.

Me: Why?

Microsoft: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm trying to give you my money! Aren't you at least good at that? Your loss!

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    Reminds me when I wanted to purchase Visual Studio, but no sales person could tell me if it would work offline for more than 1 month without complaining it needed an internet connection to phone home and continue to function.
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    Their subscription backend seemed to be having issues this week when I tried to buy Azure AD
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    It reminds me when I tried to buy flightsim. It said that I needed an ms account. Sure I have one. I have an offline account and the login app gave an error that doesn't exist according to Microsoft. Then I found online that the error means that it can't login because my account isn't an online one. Then I tried to login from the shitty new control panel. Same error that means I can't log in unless I'm already logged in. Thanks Microsoft.
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    I have never given Microsoft money for software.

    I would absolutely consider it for e.g. Flight Sim if I was into things like that because it’s apparently quite good and well-written, but anything else? Never.
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    Reminds me of all the complicatedness of OEM versions of windows, some you can buy 2nd hand, and some you can't.

    I just want to buy a legit OS, but not @ a new price..
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