How to explain to her the dark reality of these commits?

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    Lower image is manipulated scores or a bot perhaps. Full time open sources cannot get that many legitimate contributions in a year.

    Just pointing that out for anyone looking at this and getting disappointed with themselves.

    Most active I've seen is 3-6k contributions per year.
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    It could just be all README updates so no need to worry indeed.
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    Wow, talk about no life.
    What a nerd.
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    I can get that dense forest too without it really meaning anything.
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    Over twelve commits per hour 24/7/365.
    Seems totally legit.

    2613 contributions in the last year.
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    The bottom graph is pretty clearly bs, but the top one is like "do you even code, bro".

    Chuckle chuckle.

    Edit, wait! Actually the joke is funnier the other way around!

    Edit edit: ... get it... ?
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    At one point, I used to commit every micro feature, carefully cherry picking changes to group them into the smallest meaningful groups at the end of each day. My graph didn't look like the bottom one, but it did look very impressive until someone checked that almost all commits involved less than 30 lines of changes.
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