“An omelette, promised in two minutes, when not ready in two minutes, the customer has two choices – wait or eat it half-cooked. Software customers also have the same choices.”

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    And they choose the second one.....
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    Great analogy 😊
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    From the Mythical Man-Month @Jumpshot44
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    You forget option 3: keep whining until it's just about cooked, then demand it immediately, then complain that is not cooked well enough. May or may not involve a formal complaint about the chef regarding both the time taken and the quality received, while ignoring that the problem - the inaccurate time estimate - was given by front of house.
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    @eloquence: Sounds like such a customer behaves the same way in an actual restaurant 😂
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    Lol, gonna save this quote. Although, when it comes to cooking an omelette I never cook it slow and badly. I read a review on an omelette maker here https://agentchef.com/best-omelette... and decided to get one. You know it is a really good gadget. I save much time thanks to it.
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