Any and every HR induction I've ever been to.

Oohh, look at us, here are our working practices, we're so amazing, look how cool this company is, this famous person said nice things about us once, remember how important fire exits are, this guy is the boss, he's amazing, you're so lucky to be working here.

I don't give a crap, you've just wasted half my first day that I could have spent listening into scrum ceremonies, familiarising myself with the code, meeting my actual team, etc. - you know, doing stuff that's actually useful.

But nooo, Sharon and Dave from HR have to justify their jobs by filling everyone's morning with useless crap 🙄

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    We all know HR is a front for companies to resort to only and only when shit goes south.

    In turn if you're letting them give a presentation to new people, what's the harm really.
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