How often does this happen to you?

Just updated our continuous integration and for some reason the BuildAgents, who update independently, just kept failing to update.

Tried every trick in the book, debugged everything.
Kept complaining about being unable to delete files, frigging Windows file system being an idiot as always...
Was about to give up and migrate everything to a fresh system until I realized...

Ah, it works now!

... Why does it always take me so long to realize that's an option!?

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    You can call Windows out all you want, but I didn't know system partitions spontaneously mounting as read only until I switched to Linux.
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    Debugging deployment pipelines are hell, ngl
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    I spent two years doing IT support in a call center. Probably 80%-90% of non-password-related issues were solved by a reboot, so I remembered that solution when I moved into a dev job.
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