The one they say they fire you and say that everything will be all right and you’re nice but you have to live.

If you ever be in such situation remember at the end to thank them a lot that they decided to fire you but also ask why it took them so long to figure this out. ( especially if you work more than couple of years ).

Their faces after your question - priceless.

Thank again and immediate leave afterwards so they can ask themselves this question till the end of their lives and you will actually feel better and remember their stupid faces that will make you laugh when you’re old.

And yeah everything gonna be probably all right but you need to find better job not same stupid deep shits.

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    “I decided to stop caring after {douche_manager} started harassing me. But he said he was having an affair with {head HR lady}, so calling him out on it was pointless. Yeah, he proved it with pictures. I was pretty shocked.”

    Then sit back and watch the fireworks.
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