I was trying to get some cash from an ATM. Instead of vending bank notes as it should, this happened...

I still need that cash...

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    I thought ATMs had a specific OS or something...
    This is scary....
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    At least its windows 7 and not XP
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    @liammartens I heard that ATMs are the reason why Windows 3.1 still has a large install base.
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    Ah, the famous crash of 'ows 7, I remember that.
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    Never trust an ATM with windows on it lol. I would rather go to different bank at all
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    @lubwn but how do you tell until it crashes?
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    and then waiting to update screen? :D
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    @caillou the whole or a major part of the industry runs on windows within its own forest and SSL or IPSec encryption, they even had a special contract with microsoft for extending their support on windows xp

    There's an endless discussion over the security of these things.. Last atm prototypes includes an iris scanner.

    Skimmers made me paranoid for quite some time.. I now check every cash withdrawal for loose parts. (Better safe than sorry)

    Look for krebsonsecurity for more info
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    Windows 7 professional... It's so PROFESSIONAL....
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    *starts upgrade to Windows 10*
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    At least this one didnt crash on me, it also displayed a very helpful error message.
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