Have been a part of a reverse acquisition lately where we were being acquired and our stack dissolved in favor of theirs.

There has been so much stand still. So much of them doing doing doing and us standing around with out heads in the air.

I almost quit honestly. I felt as if we were useless at this point and needed to move on. This company is so "do do do and ask later" that I didnt know where to start or what my role was.

So I said "hey im bored, I see this entire codebase here is on an old .Net framework while the rest is on core". I schedule an hour meeting with 4 of their top devs and come out of the meeting with the task of rewriting the whole thing in core 😂.

Its incredible the opportunities that will open up when you just grow a pair.

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    Nice ownership of the issues! Btw a reverse acquisition is called a divestiture.
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