Best free softwares don't work for greater good.

They work for politics and benefits.

And even if you pay, it might not help. The world is full of scammers.

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    if software calls its self "the best" it's usually far from it.
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    @F1973 We might not agree on good or "a" best; but we usually agree on what are bad.

    There might be "near perfection", but IMO, it is very personal (or at most "groupthink").
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    *opens GNU bible*
    My friend, I have lots to tell you, and it seems that you see completely other "freedom".
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    @vintprox r/StallmanWasRight

    I don't know what to think about Copyleft.

    Also, freedom to design might fall short of usability testing.
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    @polv most probably, what you were refering to is a "Freemium" model, not total "Free" (of charge) or open-source software, but Freemium. If I see that word and promises to be free forever or "not getting on your way" in the software's description, yeah, I choke then.
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