Fuck StaleBot.

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    Fuck that asshole!
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    Useless shit saying that issue isn't worth inspecting even if just for 3 months I forgot about it. Makes your commitment in filing the issue null and void. Actually, it's the tool that masks maintainers' incompetence. Just looking in the root of problem, right?
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    This rant has been marked as "stale" and has been discontinued, thank you for your contribution. stupid stale bot
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    @vintprox IIRC the Firefox issue tracker closes bugs automatically after a few months even when there's no fix
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    @12bitfloat won't fix
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    When you want to pretend using a bug tracker but do not actually plan on fixing anything...
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    @Oktokolo https://devrant.com/rants/3723559
    When you don't want anything at all
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    Now that is what i call a lame link. The Meme
    linked by the linked "rant" is surprisingly mediocre though (so it at least isn't bad).
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