Yes. Yes it did. 😈

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    @Jase You sound like a YouTuber by saying (writing) that.
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    @thmnmlst ok so long story short... I thought my old boss found my devRant account, so I wanted to change my username. But I didn't see an option to change it, so I deleted the account and created a new one. But none of the new usernames I wanted to use were available. So I ended up sticking with the one I already had. And then just recently, I was going through my rants and realised how stupid some of them were, so I deleted them. But I also accidentally deleted some good ones too and one of them had 300++'s. I had already sent an email asking for the stressball, but never got a reply. I guess I won't be getting that stressball anytime soon lol 😂😀🤣🤡
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    @Jase Just curious, why is it a issue that your old boss saw your devRant account...
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    @nik123 Some of my rants were about him, and he would have known they were about him. And he is one vindictive son of a bitch. But, I decided a while ago that I just don't fucking care anyway. 🤡
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    @Jase Well, one way to avoid that from ever happening is to not describe rants too much, that way he can't be sure if you're talking about him, or that you are you in general :P But best of luck not getting into trouble...
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