Yes. Yes it did. 😈

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    @thmnmlst ok so long story short... I thought my old boss found my devRant account, so I wanted to change my username. But I didn't see an option to change it, so I deleted the account and created a new one. But none of the new usernames I wanted to use were available. So I ended up sticking with the one I already had. And then just recently, I was going through my rants and realised how stupid some of them were, so I deleted them. But I also accidentally deleted some good ones too and one of them had 300++'s. I had already sent an email asking for the stressball, but never got a reply. I guess I won't be getting that stressball anytime soon lol 😂😀🤣🤡
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    @nik123 Some of my rants were about him, and he would have known they were about him. And he is one vindictive son of a bitch. But, I decided a while ago that I just don't fucking care anyway. 🤡
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