Wordpress.com are idiots. I have free site there. And now I want to edit my posts and I clicn on my site in top left and it does not do anything. And its not a first time. Wtf. Fucking idiots. Even if they made a bug, for millions of users they should fix. Now what , millions of users cannot edit their sites? idiots. And I see no way otherwise to edit my posts or add new.

Or I click write when loaded my site, and it fukcing opens white page. What a fuck.

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    I'm a PHP Developer and I don't like working with WordPress or creating custom plug-ins. I just find it as easy thing to use and not enjoyable to code there.
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    Learning wordpress sucks donkey arse is a rite of passage for all web devs.
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    Well, don't work with WordPress then. It's a stinking pile of shit that only causes pain in the long run.
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