Is developing Shopify apps a good side hustle? Not talking about theme building. I have a full time “full-stack” dev job, but I’m trying to save some money on the side for a house. Primary skills are typical mern/jamstack. Can do handlebars to which looks close to Shopify liquid, but idk how much of that is used in their apps. Any tips or direction would be appreciated

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    consult YouTube, it'll guide your way and bring new ideas.

    One topic that is highly desirable is selling Personalized products. You could offer software for that.
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    Nah, unless you're able to market it or build some really new cool app that suddenly everyone wants it's just time wasted.
    It's easier to find a small business and hook them up with a Squarespace website for a price, I'd say Gatsby or some nicer custom one but that would take much longer and you wouldn't be able to charge more, so cheap CMS is the way to go.
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