This career is so stressful. Who the hell thought of bringing our product to customers just before Christmas. Whyy... What did your mother do to you. Jesus f** christ.

How do ya’ll deal with stress at work?

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    I just keep going and wait till it’s over..

    This time I get overtime paid out though so I’m not complaining $$$
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    Kidnap the person responsible, tie them up, and force them to make bad BDSM porn videos with homeless bums until they break.

    After which point they’re not trustworthy anymore, so I kill them and hope their replacement at work is better.
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    Quit. Life is too short, work is always around the corner, you owe the company nothing. If they treat you like shit, vote with your feet.
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    I deal with it by not caring anymore.

    What, you need this finished today? Well too bad, It's not ready because Im not magic and my shift is over

    What, the release is late. Remember when I told you we should estimate to deliver and not so the graphs look nice? No? Too bad, my shift is over

    Huh? Someone was fixing a bug and ended up fucking up the build so now everything is down and red and the testers can't test? Funny how that works, but Im currently in the middle of doing fuck all because my shift is over

    Yeah... No stress anymore, I don't take your problems for mine unless we're on exceptionally good terms and I feel like it, and even then, don't you dare to rush me...my shif.. you know the drill
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    This checked a box on my "this is also a thing in cyberpunk 2077" bingo card
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    I stop giving a shit. If someone promises something without actually knowing how long it'll take to make it, I don't see why I should cover for them.
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