Just got accepted as a Tutor. I have to teach PhD students in medical field SciKit package for image processing. Been coding in Python using pandas and numpy for years, but I know jack shit on SciKit.

I applied just for fun and got the position. Now I am fucking terrified.

Meanwhile I rejected a Teaching Assistant position because of this one.

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    I "think" you just need to be familiar with the Anaconda platform for Python. Honestly, it shouldn't take that long to get up to speed. Do they understand this?
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    @Demolishun I was told that they have no knowledge of programming and Python or whatsoever. So I have to teach fundamentals and then SciKit. I don't mind the above, but scikit I have to crunch this month to learn.
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    @TopsyKretts Well the imaging part is not that bad. I have used it and did fractal stuff with it. I even did fractals on GPU and showed result with the graphing part if I remember correctly. The GPU stuff was not part of it though. You can plot data with just a few lines of code from terminal. You are already part way there with numpy. They use numpy a lot.
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    Good, you should be terrified... Applying to teach someone "just for fun"... You better not ruin those potentialy great minds or I will find you and downdoot your nose....

    You'll be fine, good luck
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    Just don't start your presentation with the title "The Power of Dataaaaaa"
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    Congratulations on shitting your pants! Throw them a jupyter notebook for everything and leave them to it, they're phd level, right?!

    Scikit is straightforward after you grok the X, y syntax. It is user friendly imo. You can do it!
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