C++99, C++03, C++11 and C++14

I love when your design finally ends up working, looks good and it's running as fast as Usain Bolt, but why the hell does OOP has to be so ugly and clunky in C++? Constructors and copy constructors designs are barf inducing. Yes I am trying to make it as readable and neat as possible but it still looks like shit overall. And related compiler errors are almost always retarded or unhelpful even though I'm used to it now.

I know you will tell me "why are you using those old ass versions?". Well unfortunately in embedded you are stuck with old crap until some envoy of the gods finally up the standards... or if I do it myself for a specific platform.

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    "old ass versions"

    Well when C++17/C++20 compilers out there don't actually support all of C++17 or C++20...

    Interestingly enough, a version of mingw I had was crapping out on my system on certain lambdas. Switching to msvc fixed it. Strange times when msvc works a bit better than a version of gcc. I am sure it got fixed though.
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    Because legacy support. They cannot do anything less horrible looking without breaking everyhing made before

    C++ 2.0 should be made.
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