Honestly, the most underrated skill in tech is communication. Writing clear, succinct emails and telling the story without rambling is a critical skill. If hiring comes down to a wire, I would hire a dev that can communicate well than someone with pure technical skill but zero communication skills.

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    I'd say it's engineering at most orgs. But communication comes in a close second. 😉
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    Haha good luck with that! My CTO is excellent at communication but the kind of shit we find from when he used to be a developer is extraordinary.
    I also have 2 other colleagues that are amazing at bullshitting (or communication, whatever you call it) yet whenever they build something, no matter how small, it's either:
    1. Deadlines delayed for anywhere between 1 week to 2-3 months
    2. The backlog is utterly filled with bugs, often entire sprints are for bugs only (which the client doesn't even pay us for, because they'd just take their business elsewhere if they found out lol)

    Commutation is important, yes, but it should not take precedence over skill.
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    @skylord 😅🤣 That's why it is said that if you can sell software and also have the tehhnical chops you are a monster.
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    Yeah.. if you have like 10 people writing poorly in a chain e-mail, it provides for days of unnecessary mailing back and forth.

    (run-on sentence by some lazy CEO) "so ok id like you guys to idk put in some design x and a little bit of this and that and maybe heres the attachment"

    CIO: Q. "...", I'm sorry but we don't understand what you meant by x. Could you please specify or what exactly would you like us to do here?

    (lazy CEO sends wrong attachment)
    Oops sorry heres the right one (sends wrong one again)

    Tech team: -sighs-

    Some HR girl: ok you guys they asked you to do x and y heres the attachment

    devs: but you sent us incomplete information

    HR: yea I will ask around

    CTO: er, here's the updated info

    devs: could someone please send us the specs

    Anyway, lack of organization. Lack of IT processes. Just an example.
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