why is this company so resistant to moving to the cloud? millions are constantly poured into their poorly maintained server infrastructure, and instead of cutting costs, they're busy pouring more money into this godforsaken "project". oh, funniest part is the company is in the depths of making losses. smfh.

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    Because "the cloud" is even worse. The solution isn't using someone else's computers, but to fix one's shit.
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    If they can't manage maintaining what they've got, why do you think they'd have the ability to manage a mammoth project to shift to AWS or similar?

    The cloud is not a one stop solution - the solution is almost certainly to fix the existing processes get a handle on things, get a stable platform, and only *then* consider a migration. Migrating while trying to put out fires is never going to work.
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    @Fast-Nop i actually think the cloud could solve most of the company's problems. the staff required to maintain an in-house data center is more significant that the staff required to maintain cloud infrastructure. expertise is necessary in both, but the costs are not comparable.
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    @AlmondSauce see my response to @Fast-Nop
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