Deadlines tomorrow and as per company policies admin rights on our PCs are getting reset every now and then. Today is the third time I ask the IT support for a new admin password, and it’s the third time in a row they give me the wrong password. I cannot debug the apps I’m working on without admin rights.

Getting a little tense over here...

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    Let me throw a wild assumption out here: I guess you're a junior.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the shitshow. No need to stress over it!

    Edit: obviously communicate clearly you need those creds to work... then go take a coffee and watch everything burn.
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    At that point I start to question my department or group's leadership abilities ... if they can't clear this up for you. By no means is this the end times... but I start to wonder.

    I wouldn't much care about the IT circus as to worry "If the power that be can't fix this, what can they do when something important comes up?"
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    Well the answer is simple: a different team handle the more “hot” subjects.

    Also yes, you are correct I’m a junior.
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    @Earu Now that's a blocker and an additional free time for you.
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