"Most fake awards" - I'm so proud of you, honey.

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    When I was looking for / considering a bootcamp there was a company that actually interviewed participants during, shortly after, and a year after.

    They seemed to have a fairly legitimate system set up.... but of course only a few camps participated and IIRC they just kinda faded away.

    I don't remember who they were though.
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    @N00bPancakes The thing is... that if you ask little kids if they liked their icecream... they'll say yes. Especially - if it's that really gross purple one with the frozen chalky gum balls. It's adorable. BUT - their reviews are meaningless. Maybe people who actually work in the industry should be reviewing things instead of people who just started 3 months ago! (I'm not anti boot camp / just think it's pretty bold to just straight up make up your own awards)
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    @sheriffderek Thus the value of the interviews during, after, and after a year.

    I agree about people in the industry... but to an extent.

    We all lose perspective, and there's a shit ton of "you gota know X" and it's just rando trivia that you may or may not come upon....

    "Industry vets" are just as capable of being blind.
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    @N00bPancakes RE: "industry vets" - yeah. Sometimes they are even worse! haha. But - I'm just saying "reality" - getting a little reality - would be smart. Just like - kinda checking to make sure that apple you are about to bite into - isn't rotten.
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    @N00bPancakes it seems like “course report” is legit. They seem to actually vet people - but they all still push whomever pays them the most. Every school gets a ‘best something’ award. There were even ‘best of 2021’ 6 months back. Haha.
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