Do you ever learn a particular technology, have something playing in the background and then associate the tech with that for-fucking-ever?

To me, when I was learning about Ruby on Rails I was watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood for like the 5th time (I am a big FMA fan) and have thought of Rails to be associated with it forever. heck, even with just doing scripts in Ruby without rails I have always felt like I was doing alchemy or some shit.

Yeh I know, spot the weeb.

I don't give a shit I just love Ruby.

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    Weab ❤️
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    Yep, there are a few electronic songs that when played instantly make me remember about programming in UE4's blueprints back when I was like 15 or 16
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    I associate work with Marilyn manson songs, btw. The good ones from the 90s though.
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    @SortOfTested that is interesting, were you a big fan then?
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    It was basically the music I physically had

    Google is great at autobutchering when I'm not wearing my glasses.
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    Imagine just writing ruby code and your head has Yui's "again" on repeat.
    I approve, fellow weeb.
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    I'm a weeb and fellow rubyist as well
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