Hey guys, need your advice please.

In september Last year I've started my apprenticeship. Before that I made a year internship and developed a Software for them.

After I've left the internship, my Old Boss (Boss from internship) asked me if I can support the Software a while. So, I set Up a git, made it available in github, but private (had to paid for it - from my own Money). After not hearing something from him - He didn't understood how He Can Log in Into GitHub -.- WTF ! I wrote him multiple instructions but it was useless.
Because I don't have the desire and patience anymore - and don't want to pay with my own Money to Make it available for them - pay for something they can't even Login because they are ... Yeah.. I've decided to cancel the membership in github some weeks ago.

Today my Old Boss contacted me via E-Mail, after not hearing something from him in months.

Now I don't know how to react - He wants that I Code for him, the Software again.
on the one Hand I don't want to "leave him alone" but on the other hand I don't want to Support this Shit anymore.

What should I do?
At least I want to get paid for my Work. But I don't know, if this is legal to earn Money next to your apprenticeship. My current Boss Said one time that this would be No Problem, but I'm not sure about it.

Would be glad about any help and advice from you.


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    Legal? In most countries it would not be illegal to work for two companies. You may violate contractual agreements, though.

    That said, think of yourself first. Do you want to work for your old manager? They have the source code, in theory they can find somebody else.

    From your description, it seems like they want to take advantage of you. Don't let that happen. Negotiate a rate that you are comfortable, make sure it's not low, you have nothing to lose here. They came to you and not you to them after all.
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    Can you get a contract with them as software consultant, so at least they pay you for the job done?
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    If you're unsure, I bet there's someone at your university who can help about your legal question. Never pay out of your own pocket to support an employer's business.

    Sometimes, 'no, thank you' is the right answer. This might be one if those times.
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