The paper is ready, but dated for 2 months in the future. Plans have been made and the game is in session, every move predictable from their side, at times they even miss a play... but they don't know... For today I review her code again, the vice that is causing my end, blood marks all the pieces surgically removed, now their own entity. I stand up from my desk, so far so good, but the pressure is still on... I feel like a queen, getting the crown too young, her ambition is cautious her intuition silenced.. And her only adviser and guide an old geyser unfamiliar with the world as it has been for the past 15 years... What else am I supposed to do, but to give the crown back...but I will only do this, after the daughter I have crafted for them is strong enough to endure without me there to protect her. For now the paper is folded for the end game. I stand proud as they trow rocks, and I dismiss my advisor as I stand alone facing the uncharted and bracing for the mistakes I will learn from.

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