I can see the love for VS Code as a whole, or Codium (my main in that side)

But dear me, any moderately big project will make this bad boy choke the fuck out even on a powerful workstation. Atom is also out of the question for that, and does anyone even uses brackets? Elektron based apps tend to choke like this.

Thus, for simple editing tasks I have preferred Sublime, Notepad++ and Vim, Vim is always there for me.

But I am wondering about one more:
Anyone here with experience on using Emacs on large as fuck projects? how was the experience?
I have only used Emacs on small shit and it works fine.

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    I don't really see the correlation between project size and the front-end tech stack that's used for the editor.
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    I think judging all electron apps as a group is wrong just like in the beginning java had a bad rep for performance.

    It was never a problem with java but many inexperienced developers used it to build sub par apps.

    And I guess its the same for electron. Many found it easy to take their basicjs skills and create real applications without learning how.

    The chromium engine can be blazingly fast if you know what to avoid and microsoft do have some experience by now :)

    I have edited some pretty large projects like over a thousand typescript files with react extensions without any problem. (Not counting all node packages that was included).

    Ofcause that is not really large but since I never noticed any problem I think we could easily gone 5 times bigger atleast.
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    @kamen what exactly do you mean? Simple as: the larger a project is, the more resources the above mentioned editors start to choke on.

    If you still don't get it then just google "vs code bad for large projects" Elektron based apps are known to be resource heavy, this is not me throwing ideas out there, but a matter of fact (another googleable item as well)
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    @Voxera it has not been my experience with vs code, but i see your point in regards to poor written applications.

    I am wondering if therr are other missing variables here, one project in particular has close to 2000 files of php, and some large sql files, indexing of the files takes a while, and reading anything that has more than 400 lines of code is a nightmare for me and another dev in vs code.

    Might very well be something effy on our part.
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    I've seen IDEs of all flavors die in most absurd ways.

    Most of the time I try to disable all Plugins first... I've learned the hard lesson that my home directory is a mess.

    Lot of projects from all kind of sizes, multiple languages, ...

    Eg. IntelliJ gets very stinky when the SBT plugin is trying to import simultaneously in multiple projects with subprojects. :(

    VSCodium is pissy when the folder content changes in background... It takes sometimes forever to delete files and it nearly dies while trying to delete them.

    Monitoring helps... Most of the time it's a subtask going wild.
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    Sublime tbh is probably one of the most underrated "IDE" just because it markets itself as a text editor. There's so much shit you can add on top to make it your go-to editor.
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    @AleCx04 Could be specs, the machine I was using had an I7 4 core cpu and 64 Gbyte ram + an ssdfor boot and swap.
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    @Voxera Does it run Cyberpunk tho?
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    Yeah the fact that it had to be a browser application is the biggest downside to vscode in my opinion

    Aside from some of the shady licence shittery
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    @3rdWorldPoison sublime is not an ide. Its marketing is correct.
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    @iiii Never said it was. Quotes are meant to symbolize something my man.

    I compare it to an IDE because of it's plugins that kinda redefine the sublime experience.
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    @AleCx04 I mean that Electron is AFAIK only concerned with rendering the DOM of the editor, so from its perspective it should be about the same whether you have 1 file open or 100. It's whatever else the editor is doing besides rendering (indexing symbols and so on) that slows it down. I might be wrong though.
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    @3rdWorldPoison I have switched jobs since then, but probably not.

    While it had a decent graphics card it was not high end game type ;)

    I think it had 2 Gb video ram or similar which was more than enough for some games but weak compared to a good gaming rig today :P
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