Windows 10 upgrade hasFUBAR my laptop 😭

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    First, do a check disk. Then do a system restore to a working state. Then run 'dism /online /restorehealth' (I think that's it, off hand) and then finally do your update.
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    @sheeponmeth Did all that but nothing would bring the drive back online 😞
    Luckily had a second drive from an laptop with Windows installed after booting to that drive the check disk seemed to being the drive back online. Now backing up my files and plan to reattempt on the original drive tomorrow.
    Thanks for the advice :-)
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    @burtybob live boot Linux to get your files. The Linux NTFS driver is a little slower, but it'll mount dirty filesystems easier without complaining, just give it the '-o ro' option for read-only. Doing a chckdsk on a filesystem that's not mounting can be potentially dangerous.
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    @sheeponmeth Windows did the chkdsk while i was away and it brought the drive back online so was able to get my files backed up.
    I was planning on putting an SSD in so now seems like a good time to do that as gotta do a clean install anyway!
    My mates doing it for me while im away the weekend 😊
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    Hmmm oddly the drive can be accessed from 8 but not 10 so looks like there might be an NTFS driver issue between 8.1 and 10 😕
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