So I'm starting a job at a large company in the early part of next year... it's a total mindfuck because the salary is a m a s s i v e bump up and for the first time I'm experiencing imposter syndrome. I never really fully grasped the feeling that a lot of people here described until after that final interview and an offer was extended. I'm stoked AF to start and it's going to be a huge learning experience while working there.

The company wants me and my family to relocate to another state (US) and it's got my stomach doing somersalts.

It's especially painful because the current place I'm working is amazing; the people are great, the work is solid but fairly low pressure, and there's lateral freedom to work on improving the systems and infrastructure whenever there is free time. And I know that the new gig is going to have certain expectations that need to be met or my head could be on the chopping block.

High risk, high reward I guess 😅

My anxiety is raw dogging my brain and it fucking sucks, but my wife has been doing a great job keeping me level headed and thinking logically about the future and growth this opportunity brings with it.

I'm not trying to gloat or brag, just really needed a place to share some of this since I'm freaking out and don't feel like I have enough experience/skills to take on this job. Those interviews left me worn out. 4 rounds and the final interview was 5 hours long all in one day. 😫

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    Well, congratulations!

    Of course, you are going to feel a little sad about leaving the current job and your team mates and it is inevitable. Life just moves on

    As you found out, look at this new opportunity as a way to get a little outside of your comfort zones and explore the unexplored
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    I want to learn and create the best quality I can, but I just don't have it in me to do such interviews thinking I will probably fail the next round every time.

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    Congrats. I don't know your future position, but please do not turn into one of those frustrated dickheads with unreal expectations. You know... the know-it-all middle management that can squeze every ounce of code from a team yet forgets to organize, so code gets written but nothing works together.
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