How long will it take me to learn laravel? I feel like starting in a big bucket filled with darkness.

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    Laravel is lava
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    @hinst I'm forced, I feel dirty
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    @blindXfish you feel dirty because you are forced to learn laravel? Is it because of PHP? PHP is not the problem.

    Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better.
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    Not as long as Symfony, but longer than piecing something together with composer.

    Going for the reward for vaguest answer with least added value :p
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    I did it two years ago. Was quite pleasant and took me probably 3 weeks to get decent at it, but I also learned php/c functions (my first time seriously using PHP).

    Tbh, writing php in that fashion was quite pleasant (apart from the dang $ in front of every variable). I quite like the ?? operator. And compared to python, supplied type annotations are actually checked.

    If you learned php, consider trying out C. Many string like functions are actually modeled after the C libc apis and took the initial scare for me.

    It taught me the PHP "can" be more than just a trash talked language.
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    Take a look at laracasts. Theres some great tutorials from the people who built laravel there. There’s also a tutorial series called “Laravel from scratch” which goes from zero to hero and will get you going.
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