I actually had unlimited time.

I've build:
- a web media browser including animated thumbnails for movies
- a webdav server in asyncio
- a web terminal
- a web ide / note system
- a port of python dataset to node (only released thing: alopex)
- probably more

And learned vue.

After all this, I was done. But the problem with unlimited time is, you don't appreciate it a lot. At least I didn't

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    But you still have unlimited time... in this scenario, right? So - now what?
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    @sheriffderek Fix all the bugs. And then again...and again...and again...
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    Build a time machine... with javascript.
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    @sheriffderek out of money and back to work 😂
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    @lamka02sk that all happened. Since I am the only user not that much bugs were found but I kept on overenginering and refactoring. That would not have happened with some deadline I guess :)
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    @WeAreMany my javascript would be a time machine anyway. People would think they went back a decade when they read the source
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    @rooter how do you muster up the motivation to go so far for a solo project??
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    @webketje irony, I didn't work because I lacked motivation. I even considered doing something else for a living. After these months I thought it would be crazy to quit programming.


    - The media browser is something I needed, i needed to dedeplicate media of all backup drives
    - Webdav is just awesome but I didn't like the existing server software. Mine also did streams right - multiple 4k video streams on a single core aioapp? No problem! :) Also some nerdy motivation
    - Web terminal because I loved doing vim in my web ide 😁 What web editor can beat that? 😁 (Theia does 😔). But even files I clicked open, opened in vim in my web app :) - So again nerdy motivation
    - Web ide because Monaco, Monaco is the engine behind vs code for highlighting. No credits to me for it, someone even made good vue component. Monaco motivated me
    - Dataset port because python dataset is amazing and was learning node.

    But only one thing was really finished..

    It's just my hobby :)
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    @rooter thx for sharing, haha that's way above my geek-treshold
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    @webketje wow, you have great repos on your github
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    Just for the record, learning curve for Vue is not so steep to spend unlimited time on it 😅
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    @vintprox unless your personal definition of unlimited time would be a week or two. But yeah, you can learn Vue (2) pretty fast. In my eyes the new version steepened the learning curve a bit tho
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    @100110111 Yes, Vue 3 seems a bit disadvantageous compared to Vue 2 (which I got used to refer to) in regards of learning. Actually, I find this rant to be accurate for today.
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    @vintprox @100110111 you can continue using Vue 3 just like Vue 2 :)
    It's almost encouraged.

    The new syntax is there, when you need more complicated stuff.
    Really quite useful when it comes to renderless components.

    [https://github.com/tailwindlabs/...](Headless UI)
    Is a good example 🙂
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    @lotd hm, I think I just was pissed about early state of version 3 documentation, but right now it's alright. I'd like to adopt composition api.
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    @vintprox I agree, that's why vue rocks. It's great! But I had to learn node too :)

    I also like to just run the cdn version instead of webpack & npm.
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