Why can't you just do what I say... I don't need ur opinion on points that I specifically stated should be done a certain way....

I don't want to spend 30mins arguing with you... I already got enough work as it is and ur supposed to be helping me...

I don't have time to explain everything to you... Just what I need you to do....

There's a reason I got promoted and you didn't...

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    On the other hand I did things my lead asked me to for 6 months with only minor questioning, after all I was a junior. I asked why to learn. Then I learned he had no reason for most of his decisions. One more year of that and the project has been fucked into a bloody mess which it will never recover from. The majority of the project has been rewritten 3 times, but every time still fucked.

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    Good sentiment. Bad message. Just say I'll answer it later ffs.
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    @craig939393 well you need to show how it's better... I look at his PR and it is messier... Like a hack... Butchered a bunch of classes with if(flagForHisChange)

    Main violation: Seperation of concerns

    I forget the acronym for all of the OOP best practices...
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    @donuts solid. I didn't know much back then, so I didn't know enough to say what was wrong.

    We ended up with literally no security, microservices sharing databases, microservices making remote procedure calls, nothing DRY, only .net controllers with public methods where all business logic, response parsing and dB queries are smashed together in 1-2000 lines, no tests of any kind, completely leaked abstractions on the 1 or 2 places we had abstractions, fucked performance, and a huge monolithic frontend that is too fucked to make changes without breakage, so the company decreed no devs are allowed to change those projects anymore. They are projects central to the product... We also have developed most major areas from scratch 3 times, we have burned our entire budget, half the team quit, and we are 1.5 years behind schedule.

    Anyway the morale of the story, I have learned to not just believe teachings. But if a junior doesn't practice solid and still says OOP I would ignore too.
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