Am I the only one that enjoys cyberpunk 2077 on PC so far?
None of the bugs that I encountered are game breaking or annoying that much.

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    Yes, yes you are
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    I'm enjoying it too.
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    I heard it's halfway ok on pc but rather shite on consoles
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    The story and gameplay are interesting enough to ignore the bugs. Ive only gotten visual bugs so far.
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    I love Cyberpunk 2077, and I'm even playing it on a PS4 Pro. Should CDPR have delayed the game? Absolutely, but I'm having a great time so far. I'm really concerned that the game might not reach its full potential with all the backlash now.

    After the most recent patch on PS4 Pro, I feel like the biggest problems I had have almost disappeared, but weird stuff does still happen. Maybe Bethesda has brainwashed me into being okay with bugs, because I loved Fallout 76 too.

    I'm almost inclined to believe that CDPR never intended to release the game on older consoles, but probably in the last year since COVID the projected impact of sales on next-gen consoles (nearly no one has one) caused them to shift gears at the last second and make a rushed version that would work on older consoles. They should have released it on PC only, but hindsight is 2020.

    There are a LOT of Glassdoor reviews about crunch and CDPR's structure. But even the bad reviews claim the cafeteria food there was amazing.
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    @CatFoodParty yep, hope they improve it with time, without any rush, so far I chose to go with side quests first and main quest later, it's so nice to be OP when dealing with main quests, I can wipe out anyone with little effort 😎
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    @h4xx3r I did the same thing!! I chose Nomad and got double-jump immediately. As far as double-jump goes, there are a LOOOOT of places they didn't mean for people to double-jump to, but it's hilarious.

    I'm pretty envious of PC players, as far as how the game looks. I still have a 970, so I assumed it would be potato-level on my PC. It seems like the last patch for console fixed the rendering quite a bit.

    The rumor is that Sony's QA team that approves games for the store just sort of took CDPR's word for it and didn't even test it. It was rough when I first booted it up, but it's a lot better now (fifth patch! aaaah). I'm looking forward to future updates. I know a lot of people who are planning to just wait it out until the game is 'actually ready.' I don't blame people for wanting refunds or waiting. I hope CDPR survives. The rumor is that their investors are suing them... It's really unfortunate because there's so much potential in this game.
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    @CatFoodParty good point about gear shift, that’s the most likely scenario! The PS4 and Xbox one versions were AWFUL!! I was floored that the creators of the witcher 3 would release this fecal pile. But still, if they really had to switch gears, they could’ve delayed it a few months. But I’m glad you’re having a good time on the PS4 pro, that could also be a matter of the pro being beefier hardware than the vanilla version.
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    It felt like it's mainly marketing that's thrown shade at the game. Everyone in my friend group who has bought the game has 50+ hours in the game and has enjoyed it. There's some entertaining glitches.
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    I've been expecting this game for quite a long time, imagine my disappointment.
    Booted on the ps4 pro, stopped after 1 hour it was unplayable.
    Fortunately the ps5 came the next day, same disappointment, no steady 60fps, the bugs, the glitches, the non-existent physics ( can we even call that physics at this point, there is a comparison with gta5, it's unbelievable for a 2020 game) it just kills the immersion.
    Some animation they didn't even bother making.
    Don't even get me started on the illusion of choice.
    This was supposed to be the witcher 3 successor, well, it's not, and by far.
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    @deodexed thanks, I’ll consider this post a warning. I was going to get the PS4 version hoping the ps5 would run the game well but that’s not the case. The ps5 and series x versions are out next year. I’ll be pissed if they can’t get those right
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    @CatFoodParty You are probably one the ppl who enjoyed 76 for its atmosphere which was pretty much the only decent part about it. Otherwise its very bad. As for CP2077, its meh. We are used to see better from CDPR but I hope it will be a similar story to No Mans Sky. It ticks most boxes for being acceptable but we all expected atleast some more out of it.
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