unlimited time is not the only problem. During that time I'd get hungry, cold and tired -- I need to afford to buy food, have a home with roof and warmth. So with unlimited time, I'll also need unlimited funds.

And if I had unlimited funds I'd spend most of my time AFK: buying a house, making it pretty, setting up my own lab and a solar+wind powerplant, recruiting some folks to finish my project for me. Then travel all around the world, while my code monkeys are busy making me famous for introducing new tech to the world - so new, that it'll change the way we live, that it'll change our communication, interaction and other habits. And then I'll be ready for the EternalLife underground project, where another set of teams of bio-monkeys will be busy making my consciousness alive after my body wears out.

If only I had all those funds...
Care to chip in?

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