What’s the story behind bath ducks and software developers?

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    rubber ducky debugging
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    Have you ever had an issue that was difficult to pin down, and when you try to explain the problem out loud to someone, you suddenly discover the solution? You figure it out just by talking about it, and the person you were talking to doesn't even have to say anything.

    Someone (not sure who) came up with an idea known as rubber-duck debugging. Basically, when an issue has stumped you, you explain it out loud to an inanimate object, such as a rubber duck. Trying to explain the issue will make you consider it from another angle, and you might figure out a solution that way.
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    Apropos bath ducks, why do they never get restocked in the devrant shop?
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    The idea is you explain the problem, out loud, to a rubber duck, or a co-worker, bookshelf, Menudo poster...

    Hearing the problem and speaking it activate different parts of the brain than silently thinking about it.

    My teammates and I use this so often with each other we often ask for help in chat by typing, "Quack?"
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    @JustThat Well, that’s cute
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    Serious thread
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