Past two days one of the senior devs has been complaining to anyone who will listen about a UI assembly containing 'hard-coded' references to a third party component causing several builds to break. The developer who added the telerik component probably had no idea the reference is pointing to his personal directory instead of a relative path. Easy fix? Uh...yea...but he just ranted to our boss for about 10 minutes about he has no idea how to fix the problem and the TFS build failure holding up his other projects.
WTF!? You fracking know what the relative path is!...just fracking change it and move the frack on.

The drama this drama-queen keeps spewing out is driving me out of my mind.

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    Send him here, to devRant. If he rants here, he will not rant there.
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    @Eariel He's the dept. drama queen. He really enjoys his ego being stroked by playing the 'victim'. Devrant wouldn't give him the same satisfaction or job security when he 'boo-hoo's to mgmt that feed into the drama.

    Although, he does enjoy monday-morning-quarterbacking other developers code and could post quite a few DailyWTF worthy code-snippets.
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    @mpotratz Just got all the seasons and starting re-watching (up to season 2 right now). That's a darn good show.
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