FYI epicgames.com seems to be giving away old games every day...

Usually they do this once a week... But maybe for Christmas...

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    Yes some sort of event
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    They're doing that until the 31st. Here's the complete list (including past games):

    17-12-2020 Cities:Skylines
    18-12-2020 Oddworld: New n Tasty
    19-12-2020 The Long Dark
    20-12-2020 Defense Grid 1
    21-12-2020 Alien: Isolation
    22-12-2020 Metro 2033
    23-12-2020 Tropico 5
    24-12-2020 Inside
    25-12-2020 Darkest Dungeon
    26-12-2020 My Time in Portia
    27-12-2020 Night in the Woods
    28-12-2020 Stranded Deep
    29-12-2020 Solitairica
    30-12-2020 Torchlight II
    31-12-2020 Jurassic World Evolution
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    @Jilano oh they have the list, then how it mystery.... Or did you just leak it? 😏

    Guess I'll just collect them for now though haven't played any yet... Parents place, no gaming pc...

    Well actually my bro has one but he played it like 24/7.... And probably wouldn't let install anything on it.
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    @donuts They did this last year, too. People leaked the list some days ago. Just like last year.
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    @Alice Yup, first list was a lot more exciting but ended up being a dud. Guess it's better than nothing though, especially if you wanted to buy one of these.
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    Epic are still assholes with their bought exclusivity who try to gauge people by giving free stuff instead of making a good service
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    @iiii what do you mean? Their online games?

    Only game I ever bought... Or actually my dad did, was Jazz JackRabbit...
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    It's a last ditch effort for Tim Sweeny, one of the worst CEOs behind Martin Shkreli, trying to attract users to his platform.

    Fuck Epic.
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    @donuts no, the other games in their store which do not belong to them but are/were temporary exclusive for a year.
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    @junon What about Randy Pitchford? I'm sure he should be with those two.
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    Maybe because they still like to overtake the market leader position. 🤔
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