After three years of using docker, I can safely say "it just works" was a lie.

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    i absolutely hated (and still hate) docker. it took me an entire week to get our app running locally. the obscure errors were countless. granted, we dont have admin rights (which deserves a rant of its own) so any sort of "privileged" configuration required contacting our IT support team 🤦‍♂️
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    Docker is the iOS of build scripting. Take shell scripts that work fucking fine by themselves and wrap them in candy crap.
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    It took you that long?!
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    I remember reading some tech journal saying that containers are the new JVM, because, you know, it's such a well defined standard.
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    This what happens when you learn form MOOC's 😉
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    Docker with SMB: shit
    Docker with WSL2: shit
    Docker with linux: good
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    I'm using docker for 3 years now with Linux. never had any big issues.
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    Docker surely takes some CPU for running. But a week ? Its a bit long bro.
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