It had to happen eventually...

I'll just check my history, and I'll be real careful not to choose 'clear history' which is right next to it..

You'd think there would be a confirmation box "Are you sure ?"

But no !

I don't suppose there is a way to get it back is there.. ?

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    The "..." at the end of the text implies there has to be a dialog afterwards 🤔
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    You might be able to get it back by scanning the disk for deleted files, and trying to restore the path FF uses to store history.

    On a side note, imo FF has probably the worst UI among (mainstream) web browsers since IE 8. Main menu is full of useless widgets while some pretty useful things are nested several levels deep (it takes 4 clicks to get to recent tabs), print dialog looks like something from Win98, there's no way to only show bookmarks bar on a new tab,...
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    Sounds risky !

    I'll just treat it like MS Edge, as if it has no real useful history option worth bothering with..

    And of course, try not to do it again in the next 10 years. :-)
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    It does show a confirmation dialog
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    Ah !

    I guess I never pressed it before to find out !

    Testing it again, yes that box pops up, but of course, the default setting is to action "OK", rather than "Cancel"..

    I guess it all happened so fast when I was typing something and the mouse got in just the wrong place, that wham, click on wrong place, key press and its all gone. :-(
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    At least the default is only an hour !

    Of course, this happened a little after midnight, so when I looked for the previous history it was empty looking..

    Must test that again just after midnight, since it looked like all history was missing.

    But today, opening Firefox again, I'm just missing an hour's history when I test it.

    I guess playing around with dangerous features in a spare virtual OS would be a handy way to get more experience with these things, rather than never touching them in case something goes pear shaped.

    I'm reminded of...


    > The most horrifying retro story I ever heard
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    Maybe if I'd had a slower computer I might have had time for the box to show up and not vanish before I could blink !

    I guess that is another design feature we should include in such things, a time delay so folk do have a moment to see something before they choose a risky option !
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