apparently with massively long videos, with no timestamp corruption or seek table fuckery, like ACTUALLY massively long videos, VLC dies somewere around the "several hundred hour" mark when trying to get the next frame.

is this a bug or did my hubris exceed VLC's tolerance?

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    Several hundred hours.
    Of video.

    Did you and @Rutee07 get together?
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    Always split into 3gb files. For many reasons I’m not aware, but mainly file system compatibility.
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    @bagfox yeah but like

    it's 300MB, and also btrfs/ext*/ntfs don't have that limit
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    @Root actually it's like 8300 some hours, almost a year of 16x16 video.
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    This smells like some sort of out of bounds error... Likely no one thought that anyone would get close to running out of an index on some data structure
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    @vigidis Agreed

    @Parzi 16x16? What. Why? What are you doing? And why do you think this approach is a good idea? 😟
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    @Parzi That's a weirdly small resolution... even a mouse sensor captures more pixels than that... is it ML related?
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    @vigidis no

    @Root because I could. I was trying to push Shotcut to its limits as well. (Shotcut uses a metric fuckton more RAM per frame at 1000 hours over 1 hour, for some reason. The more frames already allocated, the more RAM it eats per new frame added. I think at around 800 hours it began to require 1GB of swap every time I added 1 frame's worth of time to the timeline)
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    @Parzi interesting boredom filling hobby...

    But I can see most video software breaking around the levels you're pushing... at ~8300 hours, if you have more than 70 fps on average you're going over the int32 max value in terms of frame numbers... Just from that alone I foresee memory leaking from all its pores
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    @vigidis it's actually 1FPS, but I see what you're saying. I'm thinking it has something to do with the timestamp in correlation to fetching the frames as they get slower and slower when trying to get frames later in the file.

    (also everything i do is boredom repellant lol)
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    @Parzi you might want to look for work in qa,you seem to have the right mindset :P
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    What @Voxera said. I'd love to have someone like you on some of my projects.

    That being said, I'm surprised VLC has this issue. Historically, it's been the defacto for "properly implemented" if you don't count all of the ffmpeg stuff.
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    @junon i mean if you wanna hire me lmao

    @Voxera qualifications on jobs involving that in my state are high as hell, sadly.
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    @Parzi Filing bug reports on high profile open source projects can be a great portfolio for a QA position though. We recently hired someone who had no degree, but multiple legit bug reports for ways to make Firefox and AOSP crash or leak memory.
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    @bittersweet i'm not really that high a skill level, is the thing, and unless it's super obvious it'll be *found* well before I do, just not *fixed* yet
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