I think I just wrote a non-ASCII comma or space somewhere in my code... damn me for having so many keyboards...

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    weird flex but ok
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    Well, if the compiler of ide is any good it will pinpoint exactly where you did it :)
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    Or copy pasted code?
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    It is the one which is underlined with a red wavy line.
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    Wait... so there are keyboards which let you type non ascii commas or white spaces? What kind of keyboards are that?
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    @Voxera no it ain't as good. I was using VSCode. Could you share with me what IDE's can detect that please?
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    @Lensflare many non-latin language scripts have special punctuation:
    Comma "," vs ","
    dot: "。"
    space: " "
    colon: ":" vs ":"
    Question mark: "?" vs "?"
    Semicolon: ";" vs ";"
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    @eo2875 vscode by it self is just an editor.

    What you need is a plugin for linting if you want it to find things before compiling.

    And how good that is depends on the language and the linting or compiler.

    But since a non ascii char at the place if a comma should result in illegal code in most cases it should be detectable.

    The only exception would be a char that is counted as a letter in between other letters in a way that still does not break the code.

    And that seems far fetched.
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