As a developer, I want to write clean code and I want managers that understand the importance of clean code. I don’t want to work with people who force me to deploy untested code because "we need this feature working today".

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    Managers won’t understand the importance of clean code.
    They only understand the importance of bug free and low-maintenance products.
    Which happen to be written with clean code.
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    Sounds like you need to be an entrepreneur!!!
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    Unpopular opinion: they're somewhat right. Shipping is your most important product feature. Long-term benefits of clean code don't matter if a competitor occupies the market first.

    Customers complain about bugs and shit, but by and large, they have voted with their money to favour quick and dirty over quality.

    That's why safety relevant domains have regulations where you need to demonstrate process compliance in order to be able to ship. The point is to prevent a race to the bottom.
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    Business is business. Don't care about clean code as long as you ship fast and it works. Optimization, scalability, clean code and bug fixing will come on later.

    All that matters is that you get paid. If the tech debt piles up then they will need to pay the developer.

    Believe me. I have worked on lots of internal system and only few of it have clean code. Mostly are just grunt work.
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    You're primary objective is to make money for the company. That might involve clean code or crappy code depending on the situation
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    @NotDisappointed more often than not, crappy code is just an excuse for time pressure. But fast results don’t always need to involve crappy code.
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    @Devnergy you cant have perfect code from the beginning but not worrying about quality in general is a bad idea. It will cost you more in the long run.
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    @Lensflare don't worry you are just project based and other developers will fix your grunt work without quality. What matters is the deadline and functionalities project managers want. That's reality. Bosses don't care that much to quality.
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    @Lensflare at the beginning it's easy imo. Later, it gets harder and especially when team gets bigger.

    @GiddyNaya I did this this for long, it was very appreciated. But.. Then a new developer came that said yes to everything. It made people think he was better sadly.
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    Remember, that is what agile is for: release fast, fix later.

    The problem with most organizations: they forget the part about fixing later and documentation, so they only release and increase the tech debt.

    So it is all about balance.
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